Vulnerability Management

In order to be able to defend your environment from any attack, it is vital to identify your attack surface and ensure you mitigate any vulnerabilities accordingly.

We have a six phase approach to establishing a vulnerability management framework for your business:

  1. Discover: It all starts with mapping your network. At this phase we will identify what type of devices you have, where are those placed within your infrastructure, what are your critical assets and if there are any rogue devices present.
  2. Scan: Once we have determined what the scan scope is we will then scan your assets for any vulnerabilities present.
  3. Analyse: After the scan is performed we will analyse the scan results to be able to provide you with the most detailed picture of what vulnerabilities are present in your infrastructure.
  4. Report: We provide a detailed report customised for your needs (i.e. severity category, critical asset type, CVSS scoring and many more).
  5. Mitigate: At this step we will work with your internal teams (and/or any third parties you may use) in order to ensure that the identified vulnerabilities are mitigated appropriately within your network.
  6. Verify: After the mitigation phase has taken place, we will run a new scan to verify that the pre-mentioned issues have been properly remediated.   
We use various commercial tools (like Qualys, Nessus, Retina, OpenVAS) and can also help you in selecting an appropriate tool moving forward in order to ensure your vulnerability management program meets all your needs. 
A lot of our clients use vulnerability management tools to initially identify any active vulnerabilities but after proceeding with mitigation of those they also start using them to perform web or compliance scans.
Feel free to reach out to us in order to understand what your options are and how we can help you best achieve your specific goals.