We can redefine your organisation’s security stance. In a modern world of cyber threats and attacks we are here to guide you towards implementing a robust security posture which matches your needs. To that goal, we can provide:

  • SOC & SIEM design/implementation/management:

Either you already have a SOC/SIEM tool in place or you are considering of putting one together, we are here to help. We can assist in designing and implementing a solution that will meet your needs and budget while we fully manage  on-boarding of log sources and necessary data.  

  • Monitoring Service (24X7X365)

We can provide a 24X7X365 monitoring service performed by experienced security analysts. If you have already outsourced your security to a third party, we can help you manage them by providing leadership and guidance and implement new security protocols and processes. 

  • Use cases that respond to what you need to protect:

We are proud to be able to utilise years of industry experience in order to understand your requirements and tailor security use cases to what you really need. We won’t just use some “out-of-the-box” functionality for you to be secure. We discuss your requirements and provide the most suitable solution for you. We then test and fine-tune accordingly until you get the maximum benefit from our services.

  • Identification of important log sources that need to be used:

We understand that not everything can be available right from the start. We are here to help you prioritise what type of device logs you will need to provide in order for you to start securing your infrastructure at various levels.

  • Working with limited budgets: 

Often enough, our clients start with minimal budget in place and ask us to prove to them why they need a security team or a modern SIEM solution. We are here to help, as we are able to use open source tools in order to show you how beneficial it can be to have an enhanced security infrastructure at your disposal.

  • Cooperating with third parties: 

Our company partners with a variety of security organisations in order to offer you the best solutions to your security concerns. We are also able to work with any parties you might already have a relationship with and help you boost their offering in order to uplift your gain.