Penetration testing

Our penetration testing service targets to provide a full “proof of concept” report, showing you how your vulnerabilities can be exploited in a practical way while presenting you with realistic proof of what can happen.  

We are proud to provide a distinguished penetration testing service for our clients. We start with determining your needs and the scope of the engagement (physical assets, personnel, virtualised infrastructure, critical assets only) and support various test types:

  • Black Box
  • White Box
  • Grey Box

What makes us different than everyone else is that we don’t only use automated tools to scan and exploit any vulnerabilities that may be present within your assets but we employ manually written exploits to test your defences in depth.

At the same time, when a vulnerability is exploitable we will provide a full description of how that is possible with all necessary detail of what you need to do to protect from it. We use a “proof of concept” approach which doesn’t just theorise about our findings but walks you through each item we find and shows you how that is an actual threat to your security. At the same time, we work with you to perform detailed scoping in order to ensure that your services remain uninterrupted during all of our tests so you don’t face any loss of service or income, as a result of our actions.

Advantages of penetration testing:

  • Identify vulnerabilities before malicious third parties do
  • Ensure you obtain and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Test your current security protocols and personnel
  • Inspire client confidence
  • Identify architectural redesign needs that will provide additional security and optimise your infrastructure’s performance